Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Qualifier Results

So the first two results have occurred, Japan has beaten Bahrain 1-0 and the Uzbeks have thrashed Qatar 4-0.

So from here we simply need Bahrain and Qatar to draw next Wednesday, the same night tat we must beat the Uzbeks in Sydney.

Out of interest the Ubzeks started scoring when a Qatari defender was sent off in the 35th minute. Their striker, Farhod Tadjiyev, scored a hat trick while Anvar Soliev picked up one.

Nakamura scored in Japan's victory off a free kick cut back.

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Pedro said...

Put it this way, if we win on Wednesday it means we will only need 1 more point from the remaining 3 matches to qualify. Unless Bahrain and the Qataris draw on the same night, then we will automatically qualify.

It's pretty hard for us not to qualify if we win, because Bahrain or Qatar will have to win every match from here on, just to equal us on points. Then they will need to overcome the goal difference, Australia's will be 7 or more (if we win). Qatar is -8 and Bahrain is -2, that's a lot to catch up in 3 games (9 goals for Bahrain, 15 for Qatar).