Thursday, April 2, 2009

Australia Prevail 2-0, One Foot In South Africa

Myself and Bobas were at this one, classic game for australia. Seemed like it could be a dud at half time but Jesus bailed us out as usual. You know who to have faith in..

Anyway If Qatar and Bahrain draw tonight, we are the first team qualified for South Africa 2010. I'm staying up, it will finish ~3am sydney time. Check this space... There will be a post if we're through.


Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

So that's why no live match reviews Bobas! Go Aussie!

Nursedude said...

It's going to be strange having Australian tourists in South Africa who are NOT there for rugby or cricket. Hopefully the US can join you frolicking aussies in South Africa!

It's nice to qualify straight away, instead of having to do playoffs with south American teams when everybody else has qualified!