Monday, September 15, 2008

Coyne, Cahill, Chipperfeild, Carney and CaptaNeil

Australia might have found the one person that make Lucas Neil play well in defence, Chris Coyne, the socceroos oldest rookie.

At just 29 years of age i can see him playing till the 2010 world cup.

Miraculously he and Neil were both able to play well for the full 90 minutes and did not give away any needless penalties. They left that job to Bresciano (who managed to get away with it), who also missed a sitter in front of goal at the end of the first half.

In other news both Cahill and Neil scored for their club teams, Everton and West Ham.
Cahill got the winner (3-2), Neil got some consolation goal off a loose ball from a corner.

All this talk of Chipperfeild stealing Carney's position, In my opinion they should be able to play in the same socceroos team. Carney isn't as good at defence as Chipperfeild and gives us an awesome left side to compliment our Emerton, Wiltshire right side.

Also apparently Carney said his Sheffield United manager was homo and probably wont play for them again.

So till next time, Go the Socceroos!
especially those who start with C, like Harry Cewell.

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Pedro said...

Scott McDonald also scored after coming back from a groin injury. Playing his second season at Celtic against his former club Motherwell he also set one goal up.

Motherwell's manager Mark McGhee was typically British is his assessment of his teams performance:
"Some of our play wasn't bad even in the first half, but individually our defending was poor - in particular at the Scott McDonald goal,"

Sour grapes indeed.

Impressively Scott Chipperfield continued his hot form scoring late in FC Basel's 2-0 win over Lucerne in the Swiss Super League.

I agree, there is definitely room for both Chippers and Carney in the Socceroos team. Why wouldn't you want two lefties? it also frees up Kewell to play his preferred SS or WF positions.