Monday, September 29, 2008

Harry Kewell stuffs Turkey with Delights

Australia's most popular and well known footballer, Harry Kewell, has scored another goal for his Turkish club 'Galatasaray' as they scored another 4 -1 victory, this time against 'Konyaspor'.

Baros opened the scoring with an absolute stunner in the top right corner, the keeper just watched it hammer into both posts simultaneously and drop into the bottom of the net. (need to watch that)

After the first goal Konyaspor equalised off a loose ball from a corner and a weak shot that rolled through everyone to hit the back of the net.

The third goal of the game came from a cross that found two people on the end of it, One of them mis-headed it and put the keeper off the other finished, kinda looked like a volleyball play. It was a spectacular way to go 2-1 up.

The fourth goal put Galatasary in a 3-1 position. Baros got a good pass and showed great dribbling and pace to cause a one on one with the keeper, which he slotted underneath the helpless glove man. Not as great as his first goal, but did well not to pass to his offside open team mate for the tap in. This goal gave Baros another brace for Galatasary, who obviously love ex-liverpool players.

The fifth goal of the game was the Harry Kewell goal, he got a dangerous cross/through ball, over the top of the defence, took one touch the right to beat the defender and took it on his right foot from a tough angle past the keeper. The keeper looked stupid on this one as there should not have been room along the ground from a shot from this angle. Kewell did well all the same, if the keeper had have saved it, it probably would have fallen for another team mate running through.

Kewell now has three goals from five league games.

Galatasary sit third on their table 2 points behind first.


Pedro said...

Baros and kewell have scored more goals than wayne gretsky and the pope combined this season. I wonder how Liverpool would feel if Torres got injured? I bet they'd wish they had those two still on the roster to up the goal count.

Bobas said...

Never realised how close Bobas is to Baros.

Pedro said...

Hmmmm.. insightful.