Thursday, September 11, 2008

Socceroos Triumph in Tashkent

In a stirring performance the Socceroos have started their world cup campaign in winning fashion. A headed goal from left back Scott Chiperfield was all that was needed for Australia to edge past a somewhat unknown but highly fancied Uzbekistan side.

The goal came from an inch perfect cross supplied by utility midfielder Luke Wilkshire who did well to beat a scrambling Uzbeki defense. The game might have been sewn up by half time if not for a charitable effort from Mark Bresciano spraying wide from close range after being put through by Brett Holman.

The second half was a different story though with several chances gifted to the home team. Australia's defense held strong though with realtive newcomer Chris Coyne partenering Lucas Neil well, frustrating a talented attack until the final whistle.

Any win is vital in Australia's campaign to secure a second successive world cup finals berth, but an away win against one of the groups heavy weights is a luxury they will cherish. Also promising was the successful pairing of Carle Valeri and Jacob Burns as holding mid feilders, the latter only getting the call up hours before kickoff with expected starter Jason Culina falling ill.

Game Highlights:

With the opening game won our next opponents are Qatar in Brisbane, a team that upset Uzbekistan recently but one beaten 3-0 at home and 3-1 away in the first group stage. The away win puting the Aussies into this round of qualifying and to review the matches, they shouldn't give too much trouble this time around.


Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

Guys - congrats on the birth of the blog!

I'll confess, living here in pommyland, having the overpaid, undertalented, don't give a shit english footballers rammed down my throat constantly has spoiled my appreciation of the game.

Although, I thought at the Socceroos showed at the last world cup how real men play with pride and passion. The Italian game was unreal.

And having said all that, I'm taking my 4 year old down to soccer training this morning. Determined to have him in a Socceroo rather than Pommy kit.

Good luck with the blog!

Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

PS - Bobas, I need your mug on my blog!

Pedro said...

Thanks Matt, we need something to take pride in now Yoda and the empire retained the trinations and the BC. Bring on South Africa 2010. I doubt NZ will be there though.

Nursedude said...

That pitch in Tashkent looks dustier than a summer day in Alice Springs...To Matt's point, I don't think English fans can say much after the beat down the Socceroos did to the English the last time that they played-in England, no less. Even as an American, albeit with strong aussie ties, I still get pissed thinking about that bullshit, non existent penalty call for Italy in the last World Cup.

Pedro said...

The England win over Croatia (4-1) in Croatia was a great game, considering it was that very team who prevented England making Euro 2008.

But before they get carried away remember that it was the Socceroos who knocked Croatia out of the 2006 WC.