Friday, October 24, 2008

Kewell penetrates the Greecey box.

No puns intended.

The lean turkish club Galatasary, has beaten a sluggish Greecey Olympiakos outfit 1 - 0 in thier UEFA Cup Match last night.

Socceroo Superstar Harry Kewell scored the winner with a glancing header off a corner.

The Game was played at Ali Sami Yen stadium and brought in about 45,000 in attendance.

Check out the below video for what the game was like, also, leave a comment.


Pedro said...

Oi, the video needs updating.
You can't stop this guy scoring, hopefully that injury cloud stays away for the next socceroo match.

Pedro said...

Sorry bobas, video works, just didn't the first time. I was in Wagga Wagga though.

Nursedude said...

All those years in England certainly have not hurt Kewell's game in the air, has it?