Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Viduka for 2010?

With all this talk about Viduka wanting to come back and play for the roos when he's fit, its got me to thinking, what would the team be like if he and everyone else was fit?

Here's my idea.
This sucks for Bresciano, Culina and Grella, I'd really like to have Grella there, but then you have to get rid of someone else. What socceroos team would you like to see play in the future, near or far?


Pedro said...

I think the other option would be 3-5-2 with two holding mid fielders. I think having three central backs suits Neal's game more, allowing him to play a right sided role Chippers could play left side still with Moore in the middle. This would open the door for Grella to partner Cahill as the two holding midfielders and the latter given the freedom to push forward.

This cuts out either Wilkshire or Emerton though, which is a tough call. If you play Emmo in right mid field there is always the option to put him back in defense if you want to sub on another attacking option. But then Wilkshire is the best dead ball specialist at the moment.

I think Scott Mcdonald and Carle Valeri are also unlucky to miss out too. Bresciano needs to get the hell out of Italian football to get his mojo back.

Moore is pretty old too, maybe Coyne or North could step into the breach. Then there are Kisnorbo,Thwaite and own goal specialist Beauchamp.

I guess these conundrums are the reason God invented injuries and suspensions.

Bobas said...

yeah, I think we have the depth now for 1 and a half world good teams.

Chippers and Moore are old but they're the only ones I trust in fullback.

Even Neill I am only just trusting again.

Yeah maybe 3,5,2 is a better option, Or 4,5,1 with either Kennedy or Viduka starting.

Leaving out Wilkshire or Emerton is gonna leave our right side slow.

rj_quinn said...

Maybe have chipperfield, neil and emerton as a back three. I just feel that we would need a tall DMF to compensate if we did that.