Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Socceroos Smash them like Air Qatars

Austalia Four, Qatar Zero.
(i think we get to name their country now)

Emerton got a double,

Kennedy got a double assist and a header,

Cahill scored the opener and a drew a foul in the box.

Could this game have been any better.
Yes but only slightly, it could have had Jesus Kennedy healing Kewell and Viduka and Hollman could have got another falcon.

The Goals:

1. Australia had monopolised possession on the sodden surface and had already set alarm bells ringing in the Qatar penalty area on a few occasions before Luke Wilkshire, looking increasingly assured in the right-back role Verbeek has settled him in, combined with Brett Emerton.
Wilkshire took a return pass from the Blackburn utility and flighted a cross into the penalty area, which was headed on by David Carney then touched wide by Josh Kennedy into space where Cahill lashed home in the far corner, giving Qatar's stand-in goalkeeper Abdul Aziz Ali no chance.

2. Australia doubled their advantage eight minutes later, and again Cahill was a central figure in winning a penalty. Emerton's cross was delivered to the far post and as Cahill leapt acrobatically to try and volley, Qatar centre-back Abdullah Koni made contact with the Australian midfielder.
Emerton stepped forward and drove to his left. Aziz guessed the right way and got a hand to the ball but could only deflect it into his own net.

3. The thrid goal came after more possession dominance from Australia, The ball was tapped around beautifully until Australia had an over lap on the right wing, Kennedy laid a perfect ball onto the running Emerton. Emerton approached the ball in the top corner of the goalie-box and slotted it first time into the out streched keeper, who looked to have saved it, but it rolled powerfully spinning back into the left post and into the back of the net.

4. The last goal came after more beautiful play from the Aussies, it looked a similar build up to their last goal, however, the Aussies took the second phase option spread it back first, then down the right wing, then lobbed a cross into Kennedy, who had two defenders on him. At this point for some reason, the Qatar keeper charged to catch the ball. I dont think Kennedy noticed, because he still finished it next to the post. Kennedy looked very pleased and then Cahill jumped on him.

The Australians played very much the formation we expected, 4-5-1, or 4-4-2, depending on whether you view Scott Mcdonald or Cahill as another striker. It was a back 4 (from left to right) of Chipperfeild, Neil, Moore, Wilkshire. Defensive midfeild was Culina, Carney on the left, Emerton on the right, and Cahill and Mcdonald in the Attacking midefielfer and Shaddow Striking roles. And there was of course ozzyfootball's own Jesus Kennedy up front.

The only injury concern was fullback Scott Chipperfield, withdrawn at halftime against Qatar with soreness.

This team played so well you might see Kewell coming off the bench in the future and Viduka definatlty wouldn't be a certain to play if fit.

It was one of the best games I have seen, bar the Japan come from behind after a dubious takle on Schwartzer.

Kennedy is my MOTM, who was yours?
Want to see the goals? check out this sweet youtube!


Nursedude said...

Well, the Socceroos really put themselves in the drivers seat to get to South Africa. The third and fourth goals were really pretty sweet. The fourth goal had the quick ball movement that you associate with the Mexican game-but with the great finish from the air. A really, really nice win-particularly when you factor in Japan being held to a draw yesterday, and the Socceroos already got out of the potential minefield in Tashkent with the W.

Bobas said...

Nursedude, i'm not familiar with the mexican game. Although if they play like that i'm a fan.

The Socceroos seem to have depth in every position except keeper. Exciting stuff, lets hope Brad Jones comes of age after the Schwartzer era. (not a great fan of his, i just think he's the most likely.)

Pedro said...

There's a keeper called Dean Bouzanis who plays for liverpool reserves. When he was signed Rafael Benitez and Liverpool's goalkeeping coach rated him as the best goalkeeper in the world under the age of 18.

He's 18 now and has played for both Aussie and Greek U/18's teams. He was born in Sydney and says he wants to play for the 'roos. I hope we get a chance to cap this guy in the current campaign, even though he's a bit young and is a tool for playing for Greece when he's a born and bred aussie. I just don't want to lose another quality player like all those Croats.

Pedro said...

Incidentally I thought you couldn't go past Brett Emerton as Man of the Match.

Nursedude said...

Bobas, when the Mexican short passing game is on, it is a sight to behold. If you had a chance to watch the last world cup and if you saw Argentina-Mexico, you would have seen probably the best game of the tournament. If not, you should should see about watching a replay.

I think Australia has developed world class strikers and creative midfielders. In the US, we only seem to be be able to produce good goalkeepers(A shocking number start in the EPL over the years)-OK, Brian McBride had a good spell at Fulham, and to a lesser degree Claudio Reyna, but in terms of position players, I think Australia has passed us by at warp speed. I think whatever you are doing in Australia, keep doing it. It is producing great results.

Bobas said...

You bring up a good point Nursedude, I have been thinking about it.

Our success recently has come from win - win situations. The Socceroos sometimes have nothing to loose and that's when they play beautifully.

The public have no expectations of them to go far, sure we're disappointed when they loose but Its still seen as successful (in most cases).

We take a defeat to Italy in the last 16 of the world cup of football with such happiness. But a last 8 loss to England in the rugby world cup with such bitterness.

Australian football has a building winning culture of similarly matched teams.

5 years ago used to go out and smash american samoa 32-0 (world record, archie thompson scored 13 goals) and then back it up by a big loss to Portgal at home (where there were more portugal supporters cos harry kewell wasn't playing).

Now we play teams like Greece, a decent teams, who have won euro, and draw big crowds without all the big names. And have close contests, except for when we smashed those QATARIS.

All that and getting a coach that can set up beautiful understandable tactics for 11 players from different teams after a week of training together. Verbeek is better than Hiddink.

I think the Qataris must've been so impressed by the spelling of Qantas they forgot how to play football.

Nursedude said...

I STILL see red when I think about that bullshit penalty call against the Socceroos in the Italy game in the FIFA world Cup. Australia played a helluva match against the future world cup champs. I need to let it go and move on.