Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Craig Moore has testicular cancer

No Joke.
The 32-year-old was diagnosed last Thursday and underwent the procedure on the on Tuesday.
This means he will not play for the Socceroos against Bahrain. Ozzyfootball hopes Moore will have more luck with his balls and Coyne will take his place in the starting team.
A picture of the areas testicular cancer can effect is below.
Hopefully Moore returns lighter and therefore better, like Lance Armstrong.


Nursedude said...

Hope they found it early enough before the cancer spread. Testicular cancer is one of the more different cancers is that this one is more of a young man( late teens to early thirties) cancer-most cancers hit people when they are older. Good luck to Craig Moore at this very, very stressful time in his life.

Bobas said...

yeah if it was benign it would be helpful.
Cos his ball would have woken up to a ball the size of an orange, but less of a change of spreading.

Tom Green had testicular cancer and seems okay now, but he was less funny minus the ball and some lymphnodes.

Bobas said...

if craig moore has them both removed he wont have to cover his privates in a wall situation.

FFarina said Moore would be playing in 2 weeks.

Apparently he put off surgery to play.

Seems crazy, most people hate the word cancer, moore must this it means procrastination.

Rewster said...

I hope there will be no pressure put on Craig to get back on the football field and that he takes time off his career to focus on his health.