Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Retirement Stoppervics Tony Popovic

I thought he'd either make himself available for the Socceroos again, or retire.
He's retired for Sydney FC as of now but will stay on as Kosmina's assistant coach.
Popovic is truly a great socceroo and these are my three most memorable moments of Popovic brilliance:
1. Scored the winner goal against England from a Lazaridis cross when we historically beat them away from home in 2003.
2. Scored what looked to be the winner in the last minutes of his own retirement match, he went off with lots of cheers, then his replacement scored an own goal and tied the game. (see photo).
3. He elbowed Recoba in the face from behind when he was the last defender and only copped yellow card... Australia went on to tie the series, win on penalties and go to Germany, where Popovic got a tournament ending injury...
He will be sorely missed.
In remembrance of him check out this hilarious youtube of his Crystal Palace days, this is Nicky Carle skill.

Comment on what you remember most about the Unstoppovic Tony Popovic.


Pedro said...


We'll miss you Tony Proppervic.

Glad to see him straight into coaching, he always seems to be made captain so he must command respect.

Rewster said...

It should be known that Tony Popovic has been playing for over 20 years or so. He has a distinguished career to look back on and had the privilege to decide when he wanted to retire rather than be forced out through injury.